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VIP Protection

Whether you are looking for protection from physical harm to yourself or your family, or executive security to cover your lifestyle or your assets, our highly-trained Close Protection Operatives will be dedicated to providing a professional and highly-experienced service based on your needs.

Integrity, discretion and intelligence are all part of our commitment to your well-being and safety and you can be assured that the focus of our operation will be concentrated on you and your assets at all times.










Oneworld Protection offers a comprehensive plan, designed to manage and minimise danger and maximise security and protection for you.

This plan includes;

  • Risk analysis, e.g. current terrorism levels, local crime levels and other security threats specific to your location.
  • Presence of existing security measures.
  • Any existing threats aimed directly at you, your family or your business.
  • Use of latest technology to effect a comprehensive security plan.
















Residential Security

Oneworld Protection will complete a security survey of your residence or venue, including all exit locations, security cameras, liaison with venue or household staff and location of nearest emergency services.

Also, vehicle inspections and liaison with vehicle drivers.

Your safety and security will be our primary focus and our overt presence will provide protection and act as a deterrent towards any external forces.









Covert Tracking Systems

Oneworld Protection is able to offer a tracking system which allows you to track the vehicle of your choice at any time of the day or night via laptop. This will give you an easily identifiable picture of the vehicle's movements and location.











Chauffeur Service

At Oneworld Protection we are able to offer a chauffeur service using highly qualified drivers with advanced driving skills and high-quality vehicles such as;

Range Rover: four-door luxury vehicle, four-wheel drive, leather interior, climate control and tinted windows for privacy. Suitable for your comfort and safety.

Audi A8: four-door luxury vehicle, four-wheel drive, leather interior, climate control and tinted windows for privacy. Suitable for a fast-paced journey requiring speed.












Secure Companion and Flight Chaperone

Incidents such as terrorism, crime, political instability and illness are always worrying whenever you decide to travel.

Safety and security are an integral aspect of our travel plans and play an important role in the decisions that we make.

At Oneworld Protection we have discovered that many of our clients require a Secure Companion or Flight Chaperone either for themselves or members of their family when they travel.


At Oneworld Protection we will give your child the security of an adult companion who will ensure that all aspects of your child’s journey are taken care of, allowing your child to feel safe and to have someone to turn to if any unexpected events occur.

Your child will be in the care of a Secure Companion or Flight Chaperone at all times and will never be out of sight at any time.

The services of a Secure Companion or Flight Chaperone may be reassuring to a senior traveller who wishes to remain independent but have someone with whom to travel.

Travel arrangements such as help with baggage, paperwork, medication, seat requirements, wheelchairs, departures and arrivals will all be facilitated in a calm and reliable manner by the Secure Companion or Flight Chaperone, which will enable the senior client to relax and enjoy their journey.


At Oneworld Protection our Secure Companions or Flight Chaperones will coordinate all your travel arrangements based on your medical requirements, e.g. wheelchair access, seat requests on an aircraft, hotels and transfers etc.

Having the reassurance of a Secure Companion or Flight Chaperone will allow you to relax and concentrate on your health and well-being.






































Travel Advice

At Oneworld Protection we can offer comprehensive travel advice to you.

All our Close Protection Operatives are widely travelled and able to assess the security risks at any given location.

Their knowledge enables them to offer advice on any sensitive issues pertaining to the area that you will be visiting, such as culture, religion and politics, as well as local language difficulties or transport arrangements.

An effective travel plan will be put into place, allowing you to feel safe at all times during your visit, so that you can conduct your business in a confident and enjoyable manner.














Surveillance and Private Investigation

Oneworld Protection will supply a surveillance team to conduct a surveillance operation designed to obtain information for you, identifying any possible adverse activity surrounding you or your business.

We use the latest technology to gather information as well as deploying surveillance operatives to conduct covert surveillance operations.










All our Close Protection Operatives are fully qualified in First Aid and medical emergency procedures.

This provides you with the reassurance of knowing that, if necessary, your medical needs will be met in a professional and knowledgeable way.

Your Close Protection Operative will supply the medical expertise required to provide a safe all-round close protection operation.